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List of Volunteers


The Cape Verde Jewish Heritage Project welcomes volunteers or interns. If you are interested, please send your resume and any special skills you have to:

The CVJHP Board is grateful for the generous time and expertise of its volunteers:

Jerry Schranz, Media relations consultant

Peggy Friedlander Theil, Graphic design consultant

Moshe Cohen, Israel, Hebrew translations

Rabbi Yisrael Meyerowitz, Librarian, Israel and Judaica Section, Library of Congress, Hebrew translations

Al Neustadter, Hebrew translations

Marc Avissar, Hebrew translations

Lauren Newman – Event Planner/Program Manager

Elliot Volkman – Web Manager, Communications Consultant

Steven J. Silverstein – Program Manager

Smythe Kannapell – Accountant

Paul R. Wind – Lead Web Designer

Aaron Helfman – Program Adviser/Researcher

Andrew Lederman – Program Manager

Emily Alinikoff – Administrative Assistant

Lisa Mackem – Program Manager

Shaina Bester – Budget Consultant

Naomi Malka – Creative and Graphic Consultant

Rachel Mauro – Assistant Web Manager

Debbie Ghamkhar – Event Planner

Sandra Lehrer – Event Planner

Aly Ramji – Photographer