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List of Volunteers


The Cape Verde Jewish Heritage Project welcomes volunteers or interns. If you are interested, please send your resume and any special skills you have to:

The CVJHP Board is grateful for the generous time and expertise of its volunteers:

Peggy Friedlander Theil

Moshe Cohen, Israel

Rabbi Yisrael Meyerowitz, Librarian, Israel and Judaica Section, Library of Congress

Al Neustadter

Marc Avissar

Lauren Newman – Event Planner/Program Manager

Elliot Volkman – Web Manager, Communications Consultant

Steven J. Silverstein – Program Manager

Smythe Kannapell – Accountant

Paul R. Wind – Lead Web Designer

Aaron Helfman – Program Adviser/Researcher

Andrew Lederman – Program Manager

Emily Alinikoff – Administrative Assistant

Lisa Mackem – Program Manager

Shaina Bester – Budget Consultant

Naomi Malka – Creative and Graphic Consultant

Rachel Mauro – Assistant Web Manager

Debbie Ghamkhar – Event Planner

Sandra Lehrer – Event Planner

Aly Ramji – Photographer

Al Neustadter and Marc Avissar, Hebrew translations