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Simão Levy, CVJHP Representative, Cabo Verde

Simão Gomes Levy was born in the island of São Vicente on February 20, 1970, but has lived in the capital, Praia, for 12 years! Levy began his career in 1991 in the tourism sector on Sal Island. There, he was director of the Aeroflot Hotel which was managed by a Canary Islands-based company. Recently, he became manager of an inbound tourism and service agency called “LEVY TRAVEL” of which he is a partner/manager. Simão Levy is a descendant on his paternal side of the legendary LEVY family from the island of Santo Antão.




Previous Representative - Sofia de Oliveira Lima

Sofia de Oliveira Lima

Sofia de Oliveira LimaSofia de Oliveira Lima was born in the island of Santo Antão, but has been living in the capital, Praia, for 16 years where she practices law in a variety of areas. She also serves on the executive board of the Lawyers Association of Cape Verde. Sofia is a descendant of the legendary Wahnon family on her maternal side. She is the great granddaughter of Fernando Wahnon, who was also an attorney. She is the great-great granddaughter of Yonah Wahnon, who was among the first of the Wahnon clan to arrive in Cape Verde in the 19th century.

Among her many accomplishments, Sofia was instrumental in drafting the MOU (protocolo) between CVJHP and the government of Cabo Verde in 2016, which culminated in the government classifying the Jewish cemeteries and other places of Jewish memory in Cabo Verde, as National, Historical and Cultural Patrimony in 2017. She served as CVJHP representative from 2015 – 2023.