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Meet Some Prominent Cape Verdean Jewish Families


The Benoliel Family

David Benoliel was probably the most famous and highly esteemed of the Benoliel clan which produced many distinguished businessmen, engineers, economists and lawyers. He was the son of Abraham Benoliel and Esther Benathar, both born in Rabat, Morocco. In about 1860, they settled in the island of Boa Vista, which was an important transatlantic hub. David owned a fleet of about 20 boats and ferried needed supplies among the islands. Through his varied commercial activities, he created jobs and fueled the economy of Boat Vista. He, like many members of the Benoliel family, married into the non-Jewish Carvalho family. Besides David, Esther and Abraham had seven other successful children. Two commercial houses founded by their offspring – Joao Benoliel de Carvalho and Sociedade Luso Africana – are still in business today. Israel Benoliel, grandson of Esther and Abraham, was a telecommunications engineer who was very proud of his Jewish roots. Before he passed away in 2007 in Virginia, Israel meticulously documented his family tree and shared many of his memories with us. Rafael Benoliel, an architect in Lisbon, created the logo for the Cape Verde Jewish Heritage Project, he also designed a blueprint for the restoration of the Jewish cemetery in Boa Vista.


The Cohen Family

The prominent Cohen family settled in the island of Santo Antao. Patriarch David Jacob Cohen, came from Mogador (now Essasouira), Morocco. He and Maria das Dores Costa had six children. According to Maturino Cohen, a descendant of the Cohen family who resides in Lisbon, the Cohens made major contributions in the field of commerce, agriculture and industry in Cape Verde. One son, Benjamin Cohen, owned and ran a well-known general store in the town of Ponta do Sol and Cultivated many crops. Doctors, engineers, lawyers and professors are among the myriad descendants of the Cohen family. Today, Zelinda Cohen, granddaughter of Benjamin, is the President of the Human Rights Commission in Cape Verde. Another descendant, Dr. Anibel Lopes da Silva, now deceased, was an esteemed doctor based in the island of Sao Vicente. He received awards for his service from the governments of both Cape Verde and Portugal.


The Pinto Family

Joao Monteiro, grandson of Isaac Pinto, inherited his talent for making “grogue,” the famous sugar-cane rum of Santo Antao, from his grandfather. Isaac was born in Tangier to Mena and Jacob Pinto. They, like many Moroccan Jews, ventured to Cape Verde and settled in Santo Antao. In 1904, Isaac received an award for the quality of his rum and coffee at an international trade fair in Paris. Isaac, along with his parents Jacob and Mena, are buried in the Jewish cemetery in Ponta do Sol. Isaac’s daughter, Sulamita, who is very proud of her Jewish ancestry, resides in Cocoli with her husband. Her son, Joao Monteiro, became one of the first and most successful commercial producers of “grogue” in Cape Verde. He trades under the name of Joao A. Monteiro & Filhos LDA and resides in Sao Vicente.



The Benros Family

Among the prominent descendants of the Benros family are former Minister of Education and Judge Vera Duarte; a popular singer of Cape Verdean music – Gardenia Benros; and a senior official for the Cape Verdean National Airlines (TACV) – Georgina Benros de Melo. Born in Tangier, the patriarch Moyses Benros was married to Mazaltob Cohen. They had two sons, Abraham and Isaac, and initially landed in the island of SaoTiago. Abraham succumbed to disease and the family moved to the island of Santo Antao where they and their descendants prospered in agriculture, commerce and administration. The Benros clan intermarried early on. One of Isaac’s sons, Afonso, had many children, one of whom, Emilio, was a well-regarded administrator for the colonial Portuguese in the island of Sao Nicolau. His son, Jacinto Benros, lives in Central Falls, Rhode Island. He and his wife, Carmen, have given generously of their time, money, and memories to support the project.


The Wahnon Family

Yonah and his son Isaac were the first among the Wahnon clan to go to Cape Verde in the 1800’s. Both came from Gibraltar but also lived in Portugal. Both formed large families in Cape Verde and left a distinguished legacy. Their many offspring have contributed greatly to Cape Verde’s economic and social development, whether in the public or private sectors. The most famous descendant of the Wahnon family is Carlos Alberto Wahnon de Carvalho Veiga, the first democratically elected prime minister of Cape Verde. He governed for 10 years from 1991 to 2001 and was the architect of the transformation of the political system of the islands from a single party system to the pluralist democratic regime it has today.