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CVJHP Delegation to Morocco Trip
June 2015

In June 2015, Minister Anis Birrou, Minister in charge of Moroccans Residing Abroad and Migration Affairs, invited CVJHP to bring a select delegation of Cape Verdeans of Jewish descent to visit Morocco, the birthplace of their Jewish ancestors. CVJHP is grateful to the Ministry’s indefatigable Mme. Ghita Mdarhri Alaoui, who coordinated all aspects of the trip with CVJHP. Carol Castiel is also indebted to CVJHP representative in Praia, Sofia de Oliveira Lima, who served as indispensable point person for the delegation in Cape Verde. CVJHP is eternally grateful to H.E. Anis Birrou and the government of Morocco, for generously underwriting this trip, which afforded a unique opportunity for Cape Verdeans of Jewish descent to visit the land of their ancestors including cemeteries, synagogues and other places of Jewish memory in Tangier, Tetouan, Rabat and Essaouira. We also toured the Musee du Judaisme Marocain in Casablanca and are grateful to the talented and knowledgeable curator Mme. Zhor Rehihil. Minister Serge Berdugo, Minister-at-large and President of the Moroccan Jewish Communities, graciously received us in his home in Casablanca as did Mr. David Toledano, President of the Jewish Community of Rabat. Read some of the testimonies (depoimentos) of delegation members on the Testimonial page.