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Rafael Neumann Benoliel de Carvalho

Rafael_BenolielRafael Neumann Benoliel de Carvalho is a Lisbon-based architect with a specialty in town planning. Rafael has executed a diverse array of architectural and planning projects not only throughout Portugal but also in many other countries.

He has worked as an architect in Macau and completed architectural projects in Venezuela and Cabo Verde.

In Cabo Verde, he designed the blueprint for the restoration of the Jewish cemetery in Sal-Rei, Boa Vista. Rafael also created the Cape Verde Jewish Heritage Project Inc. logo which consists of a menorah, the seven lamp Hebrew lampstand and symbol of Judaism since ancient times. Rafael provides invaluable advice and technical support to CVJHP, especially regarding cemetery restoration, but also on family research and documentation.

Rafael is a proud descendent of the legendary Benoliel and Benatar families who hail from Morocco. He is the great-grandson of Abraão Benoliel and Esther Benatar, who settled in the island of Boa Vista in the mid-19th century.