Lisbon book launch at the Centro Cultural de Cabo Verde

The book Os Judeus Marroquinos de Cabo Verde: Século XIX (The Moroccan Jews of Cabo Verde: 19th Century), was presented at the Centro Cultural de Cabo Verde (CCCV) in Lisbon on May 23, 2023. Organized and coordinated by Carol Castiel, the book is the culmination of many years of archival research and interviews by historian and CVJHP contractor, Ângela Benoliel Coutinho. Professor José Alberto Tavim, a CVJHP advisory board member, reviewed the manuscript and contributed a section on the Jews of Portugal. Cabo Verdean Ambassador to Portugal, Eurico Monteiro; US Ambassador to Portugal, Randi Charno Levine; and Moroccan Ambassador to Portugal, Othmane Bahnini, spoke about the significance of the book from their unique perspectives. Carol Castiel, who wrote the book’s Foreword, provided a book synopsis before more than 100 attendees, many of whom were descendants. Rabbi Ruben Suiza from the Lisbon Synagogue attended as did Jewish community members, Rui Bitton and Raquel Ruah. The latter two helped cater the reception by providing Moroccan Jewish delicacies to complement Cabo Verdean “petiscos” made by the renowned Dona Milocas at CCCV. Thank you to CCCV manager, Ângela Fernandes Barbosa, for her invaluable help in coordinating and moderating the event.

Photo credit: Davidson Santos

  • CV Ambassador to Portugal, Eurico Monteiro
  • Ângela Barbosa hands mic to Moroccan Amb. Bahnini
  • US Ambassador to Portugal, Randi Charno Levine
  • US, Cabo Verdean and Moroccan Ambassadors to Portugal
  • Descendants Abraham Levy Lima (L), Honorato Benrós (R)
  • Carol Castiel presenting the book
  • Rabbi Ruben Suiza
  • Moroccan Ambassador to Portugal, Othmane Bahnini
  • Moroccan Ambassador Othmane Bahnini
  • Lisbon Book launch attendees
  • Mingling after Lisbon book launch
  • Reception after the Lisbon book launch at CCCV
  • Former Angolan Minister of Health, Teresa Cohen