Rededication of Jewish Burial Plot in Praia, May 2013

In May 2013, CVJHP led a small international delegation to Praia to re-dedicate the restoration of the Jewish burial plot inside the Christian cemetery in Varzea in the capital Praia. The memorandum of understanding (protocolo) signed in 2009 between CVJHP and the Praia City Hall (Camara Municipal da Praia) paved the way for this moving event. The local municipalities throughout the archipelago are directly responsible for the maintenance and preservation of the Jewish cemeteries. Among the members of the international delegation were Rabbi Eliezer Shai Di Martino from the Jewish community of Lisbon; John C. Wahnon, CVJHP Vice President; Nuno Wahnon Martins, advisory board member; Shephard Wahnon, descendant from New York; Marc Avissar, Moroccan-Israeli businessman from Washington, DC; Alma Gottlieb, professor of cultural anthropology; H.E. Abelilah Boutadghart, Deputy Chief of Mission of Moroccan Embassy in Dakar (standing in for H.E. Andre Azoulay, Counsellor of H.M. King Mohammed VI). Numerous descendants and many dignitaries, including the US, Portuguese and French Ambassadors, attended the ceremony. See our publications page for articles about the event.


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